Teams In Sync Perform Better

“Get and Stay In Sync ” – Ray Dalio

Discover the Neuroscience of Collaboration and AI for interpersonal synchrony and team performance. Successful teams require alignment and engagement across a range of factors.

The Neuroscience of Teamwork powered by Syneurgy.

Synchrony for peak performance and engagement – in person, hybrid, or remote teams.

AI-Informed Synchrony

Welcome to the new era of teamwork

Amplify your team’s performance with Syneurgy’s AI platform. Designed to illuminate and inform the way your team communicates and collaborates to foster interpersonal synchrony and that experience of a team connected. Where deep connections are made, teamwork flourishes, and alignment becomes second nature.

See Beyond the Surface with True Insight

Teams and People In Sync Perform Better

This is not just a phrase or a feeling.

It is a well developed element in human connection and the essential ingredient of the most effective and highest performing teams and organizations across all disciplines. Understand and unlock the real drivers of how your team connects and performs.

AI-Informed Synchrony

Welcome to the new era of teamwork.

Unleash your team’s performance with Syneurgy’s AI platform. Designed to revolutionize the way your team collaborates, fostering interpersonal synchrony for unparalleled connection and engagement. Where connections are made, cooperation flourishes, and alignment becomes second nature; we call this Syneurgy.

Data Driven Action

Identify and take action on your individual and team opportunities for growth

How can I perform at a higher level to support my team? How often do disruptions affect work flow and communications? What valuable ideas do we miss or overlook because of patterns of behavior? What actions can we take to improve our ability to perform?

Identify opportunities for improvement and unlock your team’s potential using research-validated and data-driven practices that get results.

3 steps to improve your team’s synchrony


Upload Your Meeting

Upload your team meeting recording.

Invite-only access ensures only authorized and permissioned team members can see the analysis.

Privacy defaults and data anonymiztion keep your information secure.

Users maintain full control of who sees what information on the platform.


Syneurgy AI Analysis

Our platform analyzes elements of neurobiological, physiological, and behavioral synchrony.

Brains + Bodies + Behaviors - are the foundational components of connection, communication, and teamwork.

Understand these elements at the foundational level of our biology.


The Right Next Step 

Receive personalized, individual and team behaviors to incorporate into your daily practice that help to grow ability in an incremental and natural way.

Receive meaningful data on how team behaviors improve performance.

Build habits that support the key drivers of your specific team's performance

See how synchrony affects your team


Synchrony Management

Meeting analysis

AI-informed behavior change

Explore the inner workings of team performance today
Informed Insight + Right Action = Optimal Performance

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